About Bear Holdings Group

Contact the team at Bear Holdings Group to evaluate how our diligent approach to real estate investment may help you achieve your financial objectives. Under the direction of Gary R. Saterbak, Bear Holdings Group provides project sponsorship, joint venture and investment opportunities for real estate development, construction, acquisition, rehabilitation and operations.

We believe that integrity, assured business plan execution, and diligent, disciplined investment are the hallmarks of successful equity growth and income. We constantly evaluate markets and opportunities, using state of the art resources, to minimize risk while maximizing a real return on investment.

Our Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Our real estate investments are just that – ours. To use a well worn phrase, we put our money where our mouth is. We only present opportunities to clients and potential investors that include Bear Holdings Group capital investment. We specialize in multifamily value added opportunities, distressed and bankruptcy purchases, and redevelopment & mixed use property types.

We are currently developing and/or operating portfolio assets in more than 30 multifamily properties, including over 5,500 units, in Arizona, California, Indiana, Michigan, and Nevada. We are always looking for new investment opportunities that offer maximum return for minimal risk.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

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